Ethics Hub Summary

Ethics, Values and Attitudes


  • Personal Ethics
  • Business Ethics
  • Professional Ethics

Lifelong Learning, Values and Attitudes


Learning strategies to effectively address one's professional and ongoing learning needs.

Citizenship, Values and Attitudes


Personal, business and professional citizenship

Licenced John Maxwell ChangeYourWorld lessons - all about values!


Licensed lessons based on John Maxwell's latest published book:  ChangeYourWorld.  Includes reflection sheets etc.

Ethics and Values, Lunch 'n Learns


Access to all Lunch 'n Learn sessions held on ethics and values. This will include licensed work from highly regarded global leaders, such as Dr John C Maxwell, Dr Daniel Amen etc.

5 Minute Ethics / Values / Compliance Moments


An Ethics / Values Moment is a brief ethics talk about a specific case study or use case at the beginning of a meeting. These talks can be done in a variety of ways, but are typically a brief (2-5 minute) discussion on an ethics related topic.

They can cover a variety of ethics topics and remind employees of the importance of being ethical aware: at work, at home and in all aspects of our lives.

Including an Ethics Moment at the beginning of your meeting can help bring ethical issues or topics up in a timely, clear, brief, and non-threatening way. Ethics Moments are designed to reinforce ethical knowledge, awareness and everyone’s commitment towards a positive and safe ethical culture.

The Ethics Moment is general information, not meant to replace office policy, protocol or standard work procedures, but to remind us about the importance of ethics, increase awareness and contribute to a culture of ethics.

Monthly Table Discussions

The purpose of table discussions, is to help develop ethical reasoning through deliberate discussions on the topic concerned.

This could take the form of a one-to-one discussion or one-to-many
discussion format. The reason for having these conversations, is to establish a safe environment, in which participants can help highlight facts, risks, possible consequences, what-if scenarios, unethical behaviour styles, available choices with respective consequences and possible outcomes, to name a few. Reflection sheets, discussion prompts and attendance registers included.

Daily Authentic Journaling: Your Personal Values Journal


To help further raise awareness on values and ethical matters, we have included a 1-hour masterclass training on how to journal authentically. The training includes a values / ethics daily journal with journal prompts.

And much more ...

  • Exclusive access to our 12-month Ethics Continual Programme content, suitable for trainees, accountants, auditors and any qualified professional
  • Plus more content: Video lessons on ethics, behavioural ethics, Ethics Code of Conduct
  • Tall Trees Leadership short report, Values Assessment (Value R579)
  • Tools, resources, reflection exercises - done for you!
  • Free access to your ethics and behavioural coach (Value: priceless)
  • Post assessments
  • CPD certificates
  • Important ethics announcements

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