Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Compliance Hub, and what benefit does it hold for the accounting professional?

The Compliance Hub is an all in one place, all at one price solution for accounting professionals. It consists of various resource centres where the subscriber can access training material, research content and regular updates in the relevant field without having to seek them out first. Ultimately, subscribers benefit from saving time, money and effort while remaining relevant and compliant in the industry.

What does each Compliance Hub include as part of its subscription?

Every Compliance Hub entails a vast array of training material, which consist of video recordings, material as well as an assessment with which to obtain verifiable CPD. In addition, the Hubs include relevant research material, articles and other helpful resources on matters in the Hub, to assist the subscriber in performing their duties as an accounting professional.

Does my Hub subscription grant access to courses presented live by ProBeta Training?

No - live courses must still be booked through the main ProBeta Training booking site. Should you be unsure as to whether a live course will be added to your Hub aftwerward, please contact us.

How long will the content be available in a Hub?

The content remains available to the subscriber for as long as the subscription is active, and for as long as the content remains relevant. Content will be updated on each Hub as and when necessary, and the subscriber will be notified once new content has been loaded on their Hubs. Once content has been updated, the prior, outdated versions of the content will no longer be available to the subscriber.

How will I know when updates are loaded on my Compliance Hubs?

You will be notified on the email address registered on your Compliance Hub member account, once new content has been loaded or updated on your Hub. To prevent unnecessary or excess notifications, update notices are done weekly by the Hub administrators. Note that when content is updated, the prior versions of the content will also automatically be made inactive, and will no longer be available on the Hub.

How can I keep track of the courses and assessments I have completed on my Hubs?

This platform has a functionality where the subscriber may view a history report of all the courses they have successfully completed. This report may be viewed under the "Post assessment results and certificates" button at the top of the page.

How do I know which Compliance Hub is best suited for me in my role in the industry?

Each Compliance Hub has its own summary of matters covered in the Hub, outlining the categories and topics the subscriber will have access to. Certain Hubs are tailored for specific groups of professionals, such as trainees or managers, which you might also find more suitable for small practitioners seeking tailored content. Should you not be able to find a Hub that suits your specific needs, or be unsure as to what Hub would be most suitable, you are welcome to contact us for guidance before subscribing.

What if I cannot find a Hub or content in a Hub that I am looking for?

Should there be content not available on the platform or in your Compliance Hub, you are most welcome to contact either the Hub consultant or send a query, and we will look into the matter to establish whether the content can be added. You will also be notified once such content is available and where you may access it.

How do I subscribe for a Compliance Hub, and what will it cost me?

Monthly subscription depends on the type of Compliance Hub, as the amount of content varies between different Hubs. Payment is made via an online payment facility hosted by PayFast, and requires the subscribers credit card details to deduct monthly payments automatically.

Will my employer / firm be able to make payment on my behalf?

Yes - employers, firms or training officers will be able to register their staff members and to facilitate the subscription payment on the company's card details.

Please note that the staff member's email address needs to be used as the registration email, so that they may access their Hubs with their own login details. They will however not be required to make payment themselves as the payment instructions will be registered on the firm's card details.

How and when will I receive an invoice for my subscription?

As with any other online store, the invoicing for your Hub subscription will only be processed and issued electronically to your registered email address after you have made the payment. Due to subscriptions being facilitated by an automated payment system, and to avoid risks associated with the timing of VAT supplies,  invoices cannot be issued manually before the transaction has been completed on the PayFast checkout.

What payment option alternatives are available if I do not wish to provide my credit or cheque card details?

Generally, payment and subsequent invoicing for our Hubs are facilitated through an online payment host, which utilises credit or cheque card facilities. While we encourage subscribers to make use of this option as it enables automatic payment in future, we understand that some might not prefer to use it. Depending on what Hub you are subscribed to and whether you are on a monthly or annual subscription, you will be able to utilise the following alternative:

  • Monthly subscription (any Hub other than a Practice Manual Hub): Please note that our Monthly subscription does not accommodate alternative payment options. Should you prefer not to provide your credit or cheque card details, please rather subscribe on the Annual subscription.
  • Annual subscription (any Hub other than a Practice Manual Hub): 
    • Please note that the Annual subscription does not accommodate Instant EFT payments.
    • Should you prefer not to provide your credit or cheque card details,  please contact Mariette Herbst at [email protected] to request a manual invoice. After this manual invoice has been settled, arrangements will be made for you to access your Hub.
  • Practice Manual Hubs (once-off payments):
    • There is an alternative payment option for these Hubs, namely the Instant EFT option, which may be used instead of providing credit or cheque card details.
    • Should you be unable to use this alternative, please contact Mariette Herbst at [email protected] to request a manual invoice. After this manual invoice has been settled, arrangements will be made for you to access your Hub.
  • Please note that you need to provide us with the following when requesting a manual invoice:
    • The name, email and telephone number of the subscriber
    • The name of the firm responsible for payment
    • The ProBeta Training debtor number of the firm or individual to be invoiced

Will I be able to subscribe for more than one Compliance Hub?

Yes – you may subscribe to any amount of Compliance Hubs, however each Hub will run on its own subscription. Should you subscribe for multiple Hubs, each subscription needs to be loaded as its own, separate payment through PayFast. Compliance Hubs cannot be “mixed and matched”, thus when you subscribe for multiple Hubs, the full subscription for each will apply regardless of the content accessed in the relevant Hubs.

Will I be able to unsubscribe for one or more of my Compliance Hubs?

Yes – subscribers may opt to cancel their subscription at any time. Note that, once a subscription is registered, at least one payment will be deducted regardless of how long the subscription is active. Thus, should the subscription be cancelled within the first month after subscribing, the full subscription value will still be deducted as per the payment instructions.

Also note that, where you have subscribed for multiple Hubs, each Hub must be loaded on its own payment instruction. The reason for this is that in the event that you unsubscribe for a Hub, the entire payment instruction will be cancelled, which will result in deregistering all Hubs associated with that payment instruction. Should you want to keep one or more Hubs but unsubscribe for one of them, it is necessary for each of them to be facilitated separately.

How do I unsubscribe from my Compliance Hubs?

  1. Click on the "Cancel subscription" button at the top of the page.
  2. Login to your Buyer account with PayFast or create an account should you not have one.
  3. Navigate to the "Transactions" menu at the top of the PayFast page, and on the dropdown menu select "Subscriptions".
  4. A summary of your subscriptions will be listed. Navigate to the subscription you wish to cancel and under the "Actions" column, click on the "X". When you hover over it, it will indicate "Cancel subscription".
  5. Click on "Submit query" in the next dialogue box.
  6. Your subscription will be successfully updated, and the item you have cancelled will no longer reflect on your PayFast account.

Who may I contact if I have queries on matters from my Compliance Hubs or on the platform itself?

You are most welcome to contact any of our team members or administrators, via the query system on the Compliance Hub website. Should you already be subscribed to a Hub, you may inquire on any matters in the Hub from the Hub consultant.