Courses included in the Audit Compliance Hub 

Planning the audit engagement


Identifying and assessing risk (ISA 315 revised 2019)

Auditing Standards 4 Execution - ISA 300 Audit Plan and ISA 330 Risk Response

Auditing Standards 3: Pre-engagement – Fraud + Assessing Risk and Understanding Client

ISA 315 (Revised) Identifying assessing and documenting risk during an audit

Internal controls and control environment

Companies Act assurance engagements

Compile and Audit / Review the same Annual Financial Statements  – Legal Restrictions incl. Auditor Rotation 

Impact of COVID 19 on the audit process

The auditor's responsibility towards internal controls

The Auditor's responsibility with regards to fraud

The auditor's responsibility with regards to Laws and Regulations in an audit

Understand document evaluating and testing of internal controls during an audit

Pre- engagement planning


Auditing Standards 1: Pre-engagement – Overall Objectives + Audit Documentation + Evidence

Auditing Standards 2 Pre-Engagement - ISA 210 Engagement Letter and ISA 320 Planning Materiality

Documentation of ethical considerations during the audit

Long association with an audit client - Are you truly independent

Finalisation the audit engagement


Auditing Standards 7: Finalisation – Communication and Misstatements

Reporting requirements for Auditors and Independent reviewers and Accounting professionals

Executing the audit


10 Step audit plan

Auditing the stock count

Auditing Inventory

Auditing the Presumed Fraud Risk

Auditing the tax liability

Auditing accounting estimates

Auditing Revenue, Journals and Related party transactions

Audit procedures to perform to address audit risk during an audit of financial statements

Auditing Standards 5:Execution – Laws and Regulations; Confirmations; Initial Audits; Analytical Procedures and Sampling

Auditing Standards 6: Execution – Service organisations; Estimates; Fair Values and Related Parties

Auditing the top 5 risk areas during an audit

Auditing the top 5 risk areas including estimates

How to Audit Revenue

ISA 530 - Sampling and selecting items for testing

Obtaining sufficient appropriate evidence - Related parties and journals

Practical application for the testing of audit assertions

Analytical Procedures

Audit Documentation

CIPC compliance checklist

Companies Act and the impact on Accountants and Auditors

Practical approach for Auditing Accounting estimates


CaseWare Working papers


Audit Methodology CaseWare 2 Days

CaseWare session 1 - Client acceptance

CaseWare session 2 Obtaining an understanding

CaseWare session 3 - Documenting controls and risk assessment

CaseWare session 4 Responding to risks

CaseWare session 5 - Finalisation

CaseWare session 6 Reporting

CaseWare Cloud 1 Intro to Cloud

CaseWare Audit Methodology - 2 Days

Finalising the audit engagement based on CaseWare - 2 Days

Auditing Estimates in CaseWare

Performing an Independent Review using CaseWare

Sampling based on CaseWare - 2021

Planning the audit engagement based on CaseWare - 2 Days

Performing an Independent Review using CaseWare -Refresher for reviewers

Draftworx working papers


Draftworx Audit lesson 1

Draftworx Audit lesson 2

Draftworx Audit lesson 3

Draftworx Audit lesson 4

Draftworx Audit lesson 5

Draftworx Audit lesson 6

Finalising the Audit Engagement using Draftworx 2 Days

Performing an Independent Review using Draftworx

Reporting Requirements


Auditing Standards 8 Finalisation - ISA 700 - 720 Auditor's Report

Responding to non-compliance with laws and regulations in an audit

Responding to NOCLAR for Non - auditors

Attorneys Trust Accounts


Attorney Trust Accounts NEW 2020 Revised IRBA Guide for Audit

Attorney Trust Accounts - Audit Simulation using CaseWare Cloud

Attorney Trust Accounts - Auditing Considerations for Managers and Partners

Attorney Trust Accounts - Auditing without Methodology / with Draftworx - 2 Days  (2021)

Attorney Trust Accounts - Completing and Auditing the Legal Practitioners Annual Statement

Auditing of Attorneys Trust Accounts without Methodology or Software 2 Days 

Assurance engagements on fresh produce agents’ trust accounts

Attorney Trust Accounts - New Legal Practice Act and Rules + How to Audit

CaseWare Cloud 2 Attorney Trust Account Audit ISAE Template

CaseWare Cloud 3 Estate Agents Trust Account Audit ISAE Template


Audit Quality


Improving Audit File Quality - CaseWare

Improving audit file Quality - No methodology

Improving Audit file quality/ Advanced Auditing

Improving audit quality - Draftworx

IRBA 2020 inspections findings

Bodies Corporate


Body Corporates - Accounting and Audit Requirements

Home Owners associations


Home Owners Associations - Accounting and Auditing Requirements

Estate agents


Estate Agents - Auditing Considerations

Access to Audit Working Papers


Access to Audit Working Papers

Ethics for auditors


IRBA Ethics and Code of Conduct - Audit and Assurance

Public Schools


Accounting Considerations

Independent reviews


ISRE 2400 - Performing an Independent Review

Audit Update


Audit update 5 years in review

Audit update 2021 2 Days


AGSA Audits


Teammate and MFMA

Team Mate and AGSA Methodology



Advanced Excel focused on the Accounting Profession