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Important announcements from SARS and updates in the tax environment

SARS Announcements

Office of the Tax Ombud

SAICA submissions and feedback summaries

Tax Laws Amendments

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SARS Interpretation Notes

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Prior updates

Annual and Monthly Tax Updates

Annual Budget and Tax Update

Monthly Tax Update sessions - these sessions will be updated every month with the latest session

Income taxes


Asset for share transactions - swapping taxes

Capital allowances - the tax benefit of capital assets

Cryptocurrency and Tax - SARS views and approaches

Current Tax Computation

Debt waivers - the tax knock-on effect

Dividends and dividend tax

Donations tax - Taxing the philanthropist

Leases – Taxation vs Accounting

Provisional Taxes

Provisional taxes: Second submission and payment

Taxation of Farmers

Taxation of Forex and Interest – Section 24I and 24J

Taxation of trading stock and share traders

Taxation of Trusts

Uncreative taxation – tax deductions in line with the law

Deferred taxes


Deferred Tax Computation

Corporate Income Taxes


Preventing Practical Pitfalls in tax – Corporate tax and VAT

Public Benefit Organisations - Legal and Tax

Restructuring and intragroup dealings - what tax relief is available

Tax Calculations – Companies

Taxation of Franchises

Turnover tax and Small Business Corporations

Value Added Tax


Value Added Tax - Advanced

Value Added Tax - Basic and Intermediate

VAT Adjustments for Change in Use

VAT for Accountants

Employee's taxes


Employer insights - Employment Tax Incentives

Employer Insights - UIF, SDL and Compensation Fund

Fringe benefits vs Additional taxation

Lump sum benefits and tax - no retirement from taxes

PAYE - Understanding the Employees' Tax system

Taxation of employee share schemes and share transactions

Personal Income taxes


Home office expenses - exploring SARS draft Interpretation Note

Update on the Draft Interpretation Note 28: Home office expenses

Preventing Practical Pitfalls in tax – Individuals tax and Trusts

Reistoelae en maatskappy motors

SARS guidance on emigration and lump sum withdrawals

Tax Calculations – Individuals

Tax exempt bursaries

Taxation of Partnerships

Travel allowances and employer provided vehicles


Capital Gains Taxes


Capital gains tax - Basic and Intermediate

Capital gains tax - Advanced

Estate Duties and Income Tax for Deceased Estates


Taxation of Deceased Estates

Tax Administration


Consequences of tax non-compliance: penalties and interest

Debt arrangements with SARS: what to do when you can't pay your taxes

Disputing SARS: the objection and appeal process

Tax administration: reading the fine print

Tax audits: the SARS inquisition

Tax evasion vs Tax avoidance: where to draw the line

International Taxes and Tax Residency

Controlled Foreign Companies and Headquarter Companies

Expat tax: exemption on foreign employment income

Tax residency and financial emigration

Transfer pricing and Connected persons

Withholding taxes with non-residents

Ethics for tax professionals

Code of Ethics: Accounting professionals in Public Practice

Tax Guides for Tax professionals

ProBeta Training Tax Guide 2021/2022

PAYE Guide for Tax Practitioners and Employers 2021/2022 (Non-personalised)